Before using the secret login and password to join the project V2CL Virtual Classes and Collaborative Learning, the teacher must translate the charter in the students' native language, read the charter with the students and ask the students for a written agreement to the following conditions :


- The project is designed so that people from different countries, sometimes very distant, get to know each other better, learn how to understand each other, to respect each other and to exchange their ideas on subjects concerning culture, literature and economics. These are the reasons why we ask the teachers and the students who take part in this project to comply with the following rules :

- Please read the students' assignment.

- Only include photos, drawings and writings in direct connection with the students' assignment.

- Do not include any material which is indecent or which could shock in any way.

- Students are not allowed to insert links to web pages or email addresses in the Communication Area.

- Photos must be inserted in the photos area.

- Be in accordance with the law in your country. For instance, in France you need the written agreement of a person to depose her/his photo on the Internet plus the written agreement from the parents if under 18. Think about parents' written agreement for video conferencing.

- Do not type the family names of students, just their first names.

- Do not divulge your secret login and password to anybody. Do not save your password on a computer.

- As a teacher, you are responsible for supervising the activity of your students on the WKTO Virtual Learning Environments. Your students are not allowed to open discussion about any illegal activity or political opinions. With your teachers' login, you can open and modify the texts in all the different virtual classes. A teacher has a moderating role to play : she (he) may intervene to modify the texts written by students so that they conform to the charter.

- On special occasions such as the start of a vacation, Christmas or New Year holidays, or a sports event like the Olympic Games, students can exchange messages in the Communication Area as long as they comply with the Charter of Good Conduct.